Your GP will discuss with you and, if appropriate, your carer why a referral is being recommended.

You are usually referred because your GP wants a specialist’s help in deciding how best to treat your condition or they do not have the equipment at the surgery for the required tests and investigations. 

If your GP needs to refer you to a consultant-led service for a physical or mental health condition, in most cases you have the right to choose which hospital you go to. 

If you do not express a preference, your GP will tend to refer you to a local hospital near where you live that is part of the local healthcare system.

For more information on referrals information please see here.

Physiotherapy Self Referral

Online MSK physiotherapy self-referral and digital assessment

Vita Health Group have launched a new website with features that should improve the patient pathway, these include:

  • Digital assessment – using a new digital chatbot ‘Phio Access’, patients can enter their symptoms and receive an immediate management plan or signposting where indicated. All questions and outcomes have been validated by the clinical team and are reviewed by a clinician within their treatment pathway.
  • Online self-referral – easier and quicker access to a telephone Physiotherapy assessment where that is the preferred route.

Please visit the new website for management of their MSK issues at vita health group

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