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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your questions and concerns may depend on which practice you are currently registered with.

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Where will the new surgery be located?
On the current Summerlands Surgery Site in Starts Hill Road, Farnborough

How many patients will be registered at the new practice?
Approximately 11,500

What catchment area will be covered?
The new catchment area will cover the combined current catchment areas of both practices

Summerlands Surgery Frequenty Asked Questions

Will there be enough appointments for me to be seen?
There will be an increase in the number of appointments and we will be looking to offering extended hours with a wider choice of appointment times.

Will I be able to see my own doctor?
You will still be able to see the doctor of your choice for routine, ongoing problems and conditions, but you may see any of the doctors in the new merged practice team if you wish. We cannot guarantee a doctor of your choice if you require an urgent/same day appointment.

Will I be able to get through on the phone?
Our telephone system has ample capacity and we should be able to manage easily the
increased volume of calls, as there will be more receptionists and switchboard staff on duty.

Will I be able to park?
There will undoubtedly be more pressure on the car park but we are making arrangements for extra spaces to be created by making better use of the space we have. We will also make use of the fact that we are open longer hours to spread services and appointments more across the day and not create prolonged busy peaks. In keeping with the current national and NHS policies to reduce carbon consumption and encourage exercise  we will also be asking those of you living within walking distance to leave your cars at home.

What will the new surgery be called?
To reflect the historic joining of the two practices we have chosen Summercroft Surgery as our new name.

Will the current quality of care at Summerlands be maintained?
The doctors and nurses who will join us from Crofton Surgery are bringing new and varied skills with them which  will enhance the current range of services available to you.  They share our ethos of family medicine and personalised  care and we are confident that this merger will ensure high quality, responsive medical care and preventative services for you and  your family into the future.

Crofton Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

When is this merger going to happen?
From 1st April 2010.

Why merge with Summerlands Surgery?
We feel that the type of care that Summerlands offers is of a high quality and very similar to that which we offer to our Crofton patients. We are very keen to continue to offer the more traditional type of general practice, which is family and individual-sensitive. By merging with a team with the same ethos we hope to preserve these values and ensure that this continues for the future.

Why do we have to move from Crofton Road?
The cost of redeveloping on our existing site is prohibitive. The site is not large enough to enlarge sufficiently to satisfy developing health care needs, particularly as it is in the midst of a residential area.

Are the new premises big enough?
Yes. The Summerlands site already has enough space to accommodate all of our doctors and nurses. There will need to be some internal structural work, including the installation of a lift. We aim, to have all works complete before we move in on the 1st April to avoid disruption to the services that are provided. More details.

Will the telephone access be better?
Yes. The new practice will be better staffed in order to respond more rapidly to demand. The Summerlands Surgery telephone system is up to date.

How will I get to the surgery?
The new surgery will be just under a mile from Crofton Sugery. There are several bus routes which stop very close by. More details.

Will the name of the surgery change?
Yes. We propose to rename the merged practice “Summercroft”, thereby incorporating the familiar name of both existing practices.

Will the telephone number stay the same?
No. Initially all calls made to the current Crofton Surgery number will be re-routed at no extra cost to the caller. Eventually the existing Summerlands telephone number will be exclusively adopted.
You will be notified of the new number in due course.

 Will I still be able to see my “usual” doctor?
Yes of course. Not only will you be able to book appointments with your usual Crofton doctors but also with any of the other members of the new team. Your medical care will, if affected, improve. You will just be seeing your doctor in a different building.

What about seeing my favourite nurse?
All our staff including our nursing staff and healthcare assistant will be moving with us.

 How large will the new practice be?
Crofton Surgery has approximately 5100 patients. This list would be added to the almost 6,400 patients at Summerlands bringing the total to about 11,500 patients.

Will the new practice catchment area be the same?
No. It will be larger to accommodate both existing practice areas. Maps are available on request. There is already a significant overlap in our individual practice areas. All patients currently registered with Crofton Surgery will move with us and be registered at the new Surgery. More details.

How will I get to the new surgery?
Summerlands Surgery is just under a mile from where we are now. The new surgery is just off Crofton Road at Locksbottom in Starts Hill Road and is adjacent to the Princess Royal University Hospital. The bus routes are the same as those for Crofton Surgery. There will be bicycle racks and more car parking spaces than we are used to at Crofton.

What will the opening hours be?
These will at least match our existing ones. That is to say we will be open from 08.00 until 18.30 Monday–Friday with no lunchtime closure and with surgeries spread throughout the day. In addition we hope to provide some additional evening and Saturday morning booked services.

Will there be any change to the services offered?
Yes. The aim of the merger is to allow us to improve and expand on the existing services with which you are all familiar. There will be the potential to offer more doctor and nurse appointments and more specialist clinics.
At the very least, all the services that we currently provide for you will continue to be provided.

What will happen to Crofton Surgery if the merger doesn’t go ahead?
We will only be able to continue to work from the existing premises for a short period of time as the condition of them deteriorates and the demands for better services for patient’s increases.
The Department of Health has made it clear that it will not be replacing old Surgery Premises such as ours, with similar size buildings.
The Surgery will have to relocate. Currently the only other proposal is to merge with other Surgeries in the Orpington town area to form a Polyclinic type service. In this situation we feel that you will loose traditional patient centered and community based general practice. This alternative proposal has a much longer time scale for implementation and is not supported by the Crofton GPs.

What if I don’t want to move with Crofton Surgery?
If you do not wish to move with us you will be entitled to choose to go to a different practice. Information on GP choice is available from Bromley Primary Care Trust and NHS Choices.


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